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All 7 lessons take place in a guitar studio setting. Each of the 7 sessions is suitable for all ages, styles and standards. The clarity of the teaching and the graphics make it easy for everybody to understand and benefit from Guitar Breakthrough. It is essential that beginners create a solid foundation of knowledge and confidence. Intermediate guitarists need to put aside their bad habits and begin to move forward thinking positively about their future. Experienced professional musicians should, from time to time revisit their knowledge to refresh and build on what they know. Everybody has got something to learn from Len Collins' Guitar Breakthrough.

Each lesson has 3 parts.
Part 1. A short 'waiting room' introduction.
Part 2. A twenty minute lesson featuring Len Collins teaching either Colin or Matt.
Part 3. An 'at home' section with Rob and Alex who play at the end of every lessons

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5 out of 5 stars By Stephen Sinclair "dharmasteve" London, England

Having seen some exceedingly poor guitar teaching DVD's, I was surprised at how good this double DVD set is. It uses a setup lesson between the teacher and the pupil and is extremely easy to follow. The video quality is exceptional for this type of DVD. Sound is dolby and really good. There are different headings on the DVD's. Fretboard, Music Theory, Scales, Chords, Modes etc etc. Both rhythm and lead guitar are explained well. For the money this is a bargain. Will help beginners and intermediate players. Better players who want to learn some music theory will also benefit.

Very recommended. Stephen Sinclair

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7 lessons with Len Collins

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Combine Guitar Breakthrough knowledge with determination and dedication to feel progress race from your brain to your fingers.

Don't wait any longer! Become an independent and confident guitar player. Learn from Guitar Breakthrough now!

For the Beginner - Getting off to a good start is essential.
The knowledge that passes through your fingertips must be useful and imaginative. Start now with Guitar Breakthrough.

For the Intermediate - You have the ambition to be a great guitarist. You work hard.
What you need is the right guide to take you to the next new level.  Start now with Guitar Breakthrough.

For the Professional - Do you need the skills to become a session musician? Do you need a teaching method to inspire your students? Start now with Guitar Breakthrough

All 7 lessons are suitable for Beginners, Intermediate and Professional guitarists

Free Online Users Area

Free access to the Guitar Breakthrough Users Area when you buy the DVD

As a bonus, registered users of the DVD can login to the incredible Guitar Breakthrough Online Users Area, 400 pages of totally free to use, print, download and keep Guitar Breakthrough facts and knowledge. Also included in the Users Area are original articles to read and posters for you to download and get printed.

The Guitar Breakthrough online Users Area is the perfect companion to the twin DVD box set. Plus a direct email link to the author Len Collins who will reply as soon as possible. Len cares about the progress of every one of his guitar students.

Written by Len Collins. The Guitar Breakthrough DVD will encourage you from basics to brilliance

7 unique guitar lessons that accurately recreate the relaxed, friendly and humorous way professional guitar tutor Len Collins teaches.

All 7 lessons are suitable for Beginners, Intermediate and Professional guitarists

Copyright © Len Collins Guitar Breakthrough 2004

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